US Health Care Reform will affect EB-5 permanent residents

To understand better what it means for you, please see this pamphlet by Consumer Reports:  Health Reform:  Seven Things You Need To Know.

You can find a lot of information about the new Obama Care package from our Useful Links page.  On the 1st of January 2014 most Americans and persons with LPR status (all EB-5 visa holders are LPRs; that is,  they have Legal Permanent Residency) must take out health insurance.

From October 2013 health insurance ”Marketplaces” or “Exchanges” will be available online for individuals, families, or small business owners.  In these Marketplaces/Exchanges you will be able to compare insurance packages.

Health insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate against the older people or those who have chronic health problems and the cost of insurance should no longer be prohibitive.

Consumer Reports is an independent product testing agency, like Which? in the UK.  The good thing about Consumer Reports is that they will continue investigating the new Health Reforms and keep their website updated with important news.

New USCIS Immigrant Fee

I have added this new cost to the list of EB-5 visa program costs on our website.  If you are in the US and apply with the I-485 form for an Adjustment of Status, this fee will not apply to you.  For those applying for the EB-5 visa whilst outside the USA, the EB-5 Embassy Interview is part of the process to the EB-5 Green Card.  We explain the process on our FAQ page.

The list of costs can be found under Decision-making Process and also on our Home Page.

This link to the US Embassy in London explains that, as of 1st February 2013, the USCIS will be charging $165 to all those who receive an immigrant visa to the USA.  You will be sent instructions about how to pay after completing the interview.