Current American Life EB-5 Investment Projects

If you would like an investment prospectus for the latest American Life EB-5 investment project, please click here to fill in our enquiry form. UK residents are required to certifiy as either a High Net Worth Individual or a Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor (as required by the Financial Services Authority). If you are a UK resident complete the appropriate form on our website. All American Life projects are located within a US Government designated Regional Center and qualify the investor and the investor’s family for an EB-5 visa (permanent green card).

Launched Total capital EB-5 investment projects Completion
255 S King Street (phase II) Dec ’16 $ 70,000,000 building work has begun December 2017
255 S King Street (phase I) Jan ’13 $ 244,000,000 Fully subscribed Third quarter 2017
LL LP Jun ’12 $ 18,000,000 Fully subscribed Opened July 2014
R-1 LP Apr ’12 $ 31,000,000 Complete
3405 LP Dec ’11 $ 15,100,000 Fully subscribed Opened Nov 2014
901 LP Dec ’11 $ 168,000,000 Fully subscribed Opened July 2014
618 LP Mar ’07 $ 88,600,000 Fully subscribed Opened June 2010