EB-5 Visa through Regional Center Investment

EB5 Decision Making Process

Steps to an EB5 visa.

In order to understand the EB5 decision making process it might be useful to:

    1. Discuss the EB5 visa and its requirements with Richard Robinson by email or tel: 020 7887 1326. Richard is familiar with the other US visa categories and has more EB-5 experience than anyone in Europe.
    2. You may prefer to have an informal meeting. Meetings are private question and answer discussions, free of charge. Richard’s ten years of experience with immigration are at your disposal. He is in the London office most weeks, but also travels around the UK, South Africa, India and some continental European countries. Meetings can be arranged by calling the number above.
    3. Further information is on our website and if you would like to talk with other EB-5 applicants, contact details are available upon request.
    4. Investment Offering Circulars are available upon request. Look over our EB-5 qualifying current projects and request a document. Before an Offering Circular can be issued, it is necessary to declare that you are either a ‘High Net Worth Individual’ or a ‘Sophisticated Investor’. To do so check Investor Certification.
    5. Treat this as you would any other significant investment. Seek accredited investment advice. There are many EB-5 advisors and consultants out there who are not authorised or licensed to give investment advice. The choice of Regional Center is primarily an investment choice. If you find a Regional Center project which interests you, it could be useful to discuss it with an Independent Financial Advisor (registered IFA). Be wary of a Regional Center that does not let you see the project prospectus or insists on a non-disclosure agreement.
    6. Consider a trip to meet the American Life team and visit the Regional Center to see the property you might invest in.
    7. If you wish to emigrate, appoint an immigration attorney. American Life has a ‘panel’ of approved* and experienced EB-5 attorneys. Once your attorney has reviewed and assessed your documentation, fund the $539,000 to enable your EB-5 visa petition to be compiled and submitted.
    8. Your visa application may not be submitted until your investment is fully funded. This ensures American Life can fulfill its business plan promptly and efficiently. American Life guarantees full refund of your investment and syndication fee if your EB-5 petition is unsuccessful.

* American Life EB-5 visa petitions must be managed by one of the ‘Panel’ attorneys. You may appoint an attorney of your choosing. However, we do require that your attorney work with a member of our Panel. Neither American Life nor Taroa Investments Ltd receives commission or reward from our Panel of Attorneys. Our goal is your successful EB-5 petition.


Please be aware of all the costs:

  • In addition to the minimum capital contribution of $500,000, American Life requires a fee of $39,000.
  • Legal fees vary according to the work involved and can range between $15,000 – $25,000.
  • The EB5 visa filing fee, payable to the USCIS, is $1,500 per applicant family.
  • The fee to the NVC (National Visa Center) is $380 per family member.
  • (only for those attending Embassy interviews) USCIS Immigrant Fee $165
  • Medical examinations vary from country to country, but can be about $320 for each adult and $150 for children under 15.

The costs/fees for a family of two adults and a child can vary from $47,000 – $68,000.

Taroa Investments Ltd, as an agent of American Life Inc., does not charge a fee.


The green card and permanent residency. After you have invested and your attorney has submitted your visa application, EB5 visa processing takes approximately 15-16 months. Processing times vary and we advise that, for planning important issues such as children’s schooling, it is best to allow 18 months between visa application and the issue of your green cards. With your green cards, all family members have conditional permanent residency.

Unconditional permanent residency. Once you have emigrated, you must apply to have ‘conditions’ removed from your green card after 1 year and 9 months in the USA. Processing takes up to eight months. ‘Conditions’ removal means that all family members have permanent residency and your visa is no longer tied to your investment.

The investment. The minimum period for an American Life EB-5 investment is approximately four years. This is the time between making the investment and ‘conditions’ removal. Once conditions are removed you are free to sell your investment.

Citizenship. EB-5 visa investors who have held a green card for 5 years are eligible to apply for US citizenship, so long as they have spent at least 50% of the time within the USA.

Panel of Attorneys

The EB-5 visa is one of the more complex visa applications, due in large part to numerous court and State Department rulings over the years. American Life now has a ‘panel’ of approved EB-5 attorneys who have the experience and expertise needed for our investors’ successful EB-5 petitions.

American Life requires that an attorney from the Panel manage your visa petition. That is, you may appoint a Panel attorney or another of your choosing and, if your attorney is not on the Panel, we require that he work with a member of our Panel.

Neither American Life nor Taroa Investments Ltd
receives commission or reward from our Panel of attorneys.

Our goal is your successful visa.


We have numerous professional organisations who introduce their clients as prospective immigrant investors and they receive a commission. Our agents are typically immigration lawyers from all over the world as well as immigration consultants. American Life and Taroa Investments Ltd do not accept introductions from, or pay commissions to, ‘independent advisers’ who claim to provide guidance on the best Regional Centers unless they are licensed by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission in the US) or the FSA (Financial Services Authority, if based in the UK) to provide investment advice.

Taroa Investments Ltd and American Life, Inc. comply with the FSA by producing investment documentation in the UK in accordance with the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, as well as meeting the requirements of the SEC in the USA. As such, both companies adhere to all appropriate financial regulations and only accept introductions from properly regulated organisations.

We encourage all our investors to seek professional investment advice before making any investment.