Our Regional Centers for EB5 Investment

The USCIS designated specific areas, called Regional Centers, as eligible to receive immigrant investor capital. Regional Center investments are especially attractive because investors may rely on indirect job creation rather than directly hiring ten employees.

Of the 10,000 investor visas (i.e., EB-5 visas) available annually, 5,000 are set aside for those who apply for a green card under the Regional Center pilot program. Since its re-introduction there has been a month by month acceleration in EB-5 visa applications though, to date, the annual quota has never been exceeded. The Regional Center Pilot Program has had many renewals and is currently scheduled to expire in September 2015. Strong bi-partisan support in Congress gives us good reason to believe it will continue to be renewed.

A Bill to make the EB-5 visa permanent is in Congress. It will also increase the number of visas to a maximum of 10,000 families each year. The minimum investment will rise in January 2016 by the rate of inflation in 2015.

American Life Inc. is the general partner of the Gateway Freedom Fund, its first Regional Center, founded in 1996 and also called the Golden Rainbow Freedom Fund. It comprises the industrial district immediately south of downtown Seattle, commonly known as SODO. In 1996, INS, now the USCIS, approved a proposal to use immigrant investor capital to purchase, renovate and manage aging industrial properties in the SODO area.

The City of Seattle sponsored the formation of the Regional Center. American Life Inc. partners with the Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County to develop general guidelines for fostering economic development within the Regional Center. The State of Washington and the Federal Government had previously designated the same area as an economic zone qualified for various tax incentives designed to attract investment.

Each Regional Center investor purchases an interest in a specific Limited Partnership, managed by American Life Inc. Each partnership owns, renovates/develops and manages a property within the Regional Center. Indirect employment results from jobs created by elevating a previously underutilized property to a more productive use or creating a new property. Thus, investments in American Life Inc. Limited Partnerships meet the requirements for the EB5 visa.
American LIfe – Managing 10 Regional Centers

Building on the success of its first Regional Center in Seattle, American Life has nine other Regional Centers under its management and guidance. Not all Regional Centers have qualifying investment projects available at any one time, and some are still in the evolutionary phase.

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Seattle — American Life Seattle Regional Center [Gold Rainbow, Freedom Fund]
Tacoma — American Life Ventures Tacoma
Everett — American Life Ventures Everett
Lakewood — Lakewood Regional Center

Los Angeles — American Life Development Company, LLC [Riverside PUMA Area]
Los Angeles — Regional Center Properties, Inc.
Los Angeles — Regional Center Management Los Angeles

Atlanta — Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center

New York
Buffalo and Niagara — Buffalo Regional Center

Miami — American Life Investments